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Meet Courage the Lion! 

Courage is a companion for anyone who could use a little extra courage. And who doesn't need a little extra courage right now?!   

Buy One, Give One

People send "Courage" for all kinds of reasons: to a child or adult going through a difficult time or someone whose courage you admire. A truly unique gift that lasts a lot longer than flowers, we constantly hear from people who are so touched by this special sentiment...
AND they love that as a BONUS...when you send Courage to someone you care about, CancerFree KIDS sends a Courage Lion to a child battling cancer. THANK YOU!

"I never went to a single doctor's appointment without my Courage lion. We've been through a lot together!"
Alex, diagnosed with cancer at 3 years old

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At CancerFree KIDS we do ONE thing: we fund game-changing research on childhood cancers to give every kid a chance to grow up. Thank you for helping us in this mission with your purchases! 

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